1958 Boy Scout Radio Spot

A few years ago we were lucky enough to acquire a tape from the C.P. MacGregor recording studio.

Tape Box

This tape was to serve as the master for a record of the spots. As you can see at the bottom of the box is a note that it was sent to be mastered on January 22, 1959. Near the top of the note is the matrix number for the album – CPM-12-2168. This would appear to indicate that it was to be pressed as a 12-inch album. No copy of this record has ever been located and it is not known, if it in fact, exists.

Mr. Stewart had a spot on each side. The one on side 1 was a minute in length.

The spot on side 2 ran about 21-seconds:

Many people are interested in scouting and collect scout material, so we’re going to include audio for all the others involved in this project also. First, from side 1, here are Danny Thomas, Walt Disney, Art Linkletter, Eddie Cantor and Glen Ford (the Ford recordings on both sides are of poor quality. Sorry.)

From side 2, here are Art Linkletter, Walt Disney, Groucho Marx, Eddie Cantor, Glen Ford and Danny Thomas.