Hollywood Profiles – Jimmy Stewart

Hollywood Profiles was covered in detail in Jimmy Stewart on the Air, but without any photos or audio, both of which will be added here. The 12-inch, 33 1/3 RPM discs were prepared and sent to more than 800 radio stations which carried the series.


Stewart’s is the first program on the a-side of the disc, Program 21, for playback on Monday, October 22, 1962. Between the first and second parts of the show there was a break for a commercial.

The host of the program was Dick Strout. He begins by saying that a young woman from Paradise, Kansas, has written in with a question for Jimmy Stewart:

UPDATE: February 15, 2018:

Most of the radio listings for this program did little more than give the title and the time it aired. Here’s an example from the Hope Star, Hope, AR.