Jimmy Stewart Collection

This is a 2-disc set issued by www.goldengooseradio.com. There are more than 80 programs featuring Stewart on the discs, making it well worth the $4.99 asking price. If you’re looking to fill out your private Stewart collection, this one should help.

On the first disc you’ll get:

Cavalcade of America (11-12-45) A Guy Who had to Have a Horse

Family Theater (2-13-47) Flight from Home

Hollywood Star Playhouse (4-13-52) The Six Shooter

Lux Radio Theatre (6-14-37) Madame X, (2-10-41) The Moon’s Our Home, (7-20-42) The Philadelphia Story, (11-5-45) Destry Rides Again, (3-10-47) It’s a Wonderful Life, (12-15-47) Magic Town, (11-12-51) Winchester ‘73 and (4-28-52) No Highway in the Sky

Bing Crosby Show (3-10-48) (this is also on disc 2) and (12-14-49)

Screen Directors’ Playhouse (5-8-49) It’s a Wonderful Life, (12-9-49) Call Northside 777, (1-6-50) Magic Town and (3-29-51) Next Time We Love

Screen Guild Theater (3-12-39) Tailored by Toni, (2/11/40) Single Crossing, (9/29/40) The Shop Around the Corner and (3/17/47) The Philadelphia Story

Sealtest Variety Theater (5-26-49) (also on disc 2)

Hollywood Hotel (12-18-36) One in a Million

Good News (12-23-37) Rosalie, (12-30-37) Myrna Loy guest, (2/10/38 – Frank Morgan guest, and (3-2-39) Joan Crawford guest

Guest Star (8-28-47)

Bill Stern Sports Newsreel (7-23-48) and (10-20-50)

Bob Hope Show (1-28-53)

The second disc has:

The Six Shooter (all 39 shows, plus NBC audition show)

Silver Theater (Oct. 3-10-17-24, 1937) First Love parts 1-4, (Oct. 23-30, 1938) Up from Darkness parts 1-2 and (Jan. 22-29, 1939) Misty Mountain parts 1-2

Suspense (5-19-49) Consequence and (12-1-49) Mission Completed

Theater of Romance (11-20-45) No Time for Comedy

This is War (4-4-42) Your Air Force

We Hold These Truths (12-15-51)