Leo Is on the Air – After the Thin Man

Leo Is on the Air was a series of 15-minute radio shows prepared by M-G-M to promote their films on the radio. This one is a 16-inch, one-sided disc, playing at 33 1/3 RPM. It was pressed for M-G-M by RCA (21432). This record played in reverse of most discs in that the needle moved from the inside to the outside of the record.

Jimmy Stewart, who co-starred in After the Thin Man, is not heard or mentioned in the program, but you may find it interesting to listen to.

The title, After the Thin Man, is a little misleading in that only a small amount of information about this film is heard in the program. Most of the show features some of the hit songs from M-G-M films of 1936. Heard are:

You from The Great Ziegfeld

Did I Remember from Suzy (vocals are dubbed by Eadie Adams for Jean Harlow)

Alone from A Night at the Opera (sung by Allan Jones)

I’ve Got You Under My Skin from Born to Dance (sung by Virginia Bruce) Stewart, of course, was also in this film.

Would You from San Francisco

Finally, the first hit from 1937 is played. This one is Smoke Dreams from After the Thin Man. It is sung by a young newcomer to films, Dorothy McNulty. McNulty would soon change her name to Penny Singleton and become the very popular star of the Blondie series of films.

At the end of the show, the announcer says, “Wish you all the compliments of the season,” referring to the Christmas-New Year’s seasons as the show was issued in December, 1936.