The Six Shooter – Battle at Tower Rock

The Blue Ribbon and Young Gunslinger are two other titles by which this story is known. It was originally broadcast on February 21, 1954.

This photo ad appeared in the Syracuse Herald-American, Syracuse, NY, on the day of the broadcast.

Syracuse Herald-0American 2-21-54

The cast was rounded out by Les Tremayne as Rome Madden, Jess Kirkpatrick as Kermit Bingham, Bill Johnstone as Otis Spears, Virginia Gregg as Bessie Madden and Eleanor Audley as Thelma Bingham.
Britt is in Tower Rock for the Franklin County Fair (near the end of the show, Stewart mistakenly calls it Foster County). He’s roped into judging the strawberry preserves at the fair. Unfortunately for him, only two women have entered preserves and they are both friends of his and they are in the midst of a bitter feud. Britt must make a decision that will leave both women happy.

There would be no show the following Sunday, February 28th. The program was pre-empted by a political broadcast featuring Vice President Richard Nixon at a meeting of the American Association for the United Nations.

Act 1:

Act 2: