The Six Shooter – Crisis at Easter Creek

This is one of the few Six Shooters where the title is known for sure because it was mentioned during the show. During the break between the two acts, John Wald, the show’s announcer, says the title.

Most of the newspaper listings were just that, a simple listing of the show’s title. However, this display ad, apparently paid for by Kessler Beer, appeared in The Independent Record, Helena, MT.

The Independent Record, Helena, MT 4-15-54

Supporting Stewart in the play are Virginia Gregg as Elvira Peebles, Marvin Miller as Reverend Broome, Ted de Corsia as Wisconsin Billy and Robert Griffin as Sheriff Abner Appleton. One of the show’s most outstanding characters is Red Eye Kirk. Although the actor playing that role is not named, it is very obviously William Conrad.

Rev. Broome’s church needs a new organ, but they don’t have the money to purchase one. Britt decides to help them raise the needed funds and he gets it from a very unlikely source.

Act 1:

Act 2: