The Six Shooter – Johnny Stringer

Originally broadcast on April 22, 1954, sixty-two years ago, this show is also sometimes known as Tracking Down a Killer. This WHIZ radio station ad from The Times Recorder, Zanesville, OH, lists The Six Shooter as one of its Thursday night shows.

The Times Recorder, Zanesville, OH 4-22-54

Appearing with Stewart in this episode are Virginia Gregg as Maria Gonzalez Mendez, Harry Bartell as Johnny Stringer, Parley Baer as Doc Prince (he had also played Doc Prince in Trail to Sunset, broadcast on January 31, 1954), Joel Cranston as Sid Tucker and Barney Phillips as Sheriff Sam.

Johnny Stringer is wanted for murder. He tries to have Maria help him escape Britt and the sheriff, but things don’t work out as he planned.

Act 1:

Act 2: