The Six Shooter – Myra Barker

The final show of the series was broadcast on June 24, 1954. The title is given by John Wald at the beginning of the second act as Myra Barker. It is sometimes called Unpredictable Horse. This brief preview appeared in the Long Beach Press-Telegraph, Long Beach, CA, on the day of the broadcast.

Long Beach Press-Telegram 6-24-54The cast members were Virginia Gregg as Myra Barker, Dee J. Thompson as Zoey Aldon, Howard McNear as Jesse Aldon and Parley Baer as Lem Pruitt.

Lem Pruitt rents Britt’s horse, Scar, to Myra Barker, a visitor from the east. Scar seems to like Myra and so does Britt. Things go so far that Britt asks Myra to marry him. She wants to think it over before she gives him her answer. She says “yes,” but will they really get married?

Act 1:

Act 2: