The Six Shooter – Trail to Sunset

Like most of The Six Shooter shows, this one is also known by others titles, including The Lynching and Wrong Man Lynched. The show was broadcast on January 31, 1954.

This short preview appeared in the San Antonio Express and News, San Antonio, TX, on the day of the broadcast.

San Antonio Express and News 1-31-54

As had been the case for the past several weeks, the Syracuse Herald-American, Syracuse, NY, printed a photo ad for the show.

Syracuse (NY Herald-American 1-31-54

Starring with Stewart were Robert Griffin as Frosty Ender, Harry Bartell as Ace Tressler, Lamont Johnson as Ty Barstow, Howard McNear as Doc Prince and Forrest Lewis as Cliff Slawson.

Britt catches Ace Tressler trying to steal Scar, his horse. Tressler is wounded and tells Britt that it happened when he robbed the stage depot and killed Sam Fletcher. As Britt is taking the man back to town, they meet five members of a posse who have just hanged George Revit for the crime Tressler had committed; they have hanged the wrong man. What will they do now?

If you listen closely, at one point in the show you will hear Stewart call Ace by the wrong name. He calls him Art.

Act 1:

Act 2: