An Incident of War – Updated Information

When our book was published, we knew very little about the show, An Incident of War, which appears to be Stewart’s very first radio broadcast. We were first alerted to the program by this short note in Stewart’s hometown newspaper, the Indiana Evening Gazette:

An Incident of War.2

A quick check of the New York Times for May 28, 1933, turned up only this brief listing:

An Incident of War.1

The search did not uncover any mention of Stewart being in the broadcast. Now, we have finally located such a mention in the long defunct newspaper, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Here is what appeared in the radio listings for that date:

An Incident of War.3

Still no mention of Stewart; however, on the same page was this short story:

An Incident of War.4

Finally, we have Stewart mentioned as definitely appearing on the program. Interestingly enough, Lloyd Nolan is not mentioned here, but had been listed as one of the stars in the New York Times listing.