Bing Crosby and Friends

HRB Music Co. Inc. 8CP 1001

Bing Crosby & Friends.front

Bing Crosby & friends.label

This 4-record boxed set is of dubious legality. It appears to be a pirate copy of the Murray Hill set, The Murray Hill Radio Theatre Presents Bing Crosby and Friends. The plain white box has the title on the front. The back is blank. There are no liner notes or track listing like those on the Murray Hill set. It features the same Jimmy Stewart/Fran Warren/Bing Crosby song, Mississippi Mud (James Cavanaugh/Harry Barris), which can also be found on the Murray Hill album and the Reader’s Digest set, Bing Sings Again. The song is from The Chesterfield Show of March 19, 1952.