The Six Shooter – When the Shoe Doesn’t Fit

As the second act begins, John Wald announces that the show’s title is When the Shoe Doesn’t Fit. The show is also sometimes listed under the names Shades of Cinderella or Western Cinderella. A short preview of the show was printed in the Tucson Daily Citizen, Tucson, AZ, on the day of the broadcast.

Tucson Daily Citizen 6-17-54Also in the cast were Barbara Eiler as Cindy Lou Ames, Eleanor Audley as Hattie Ames, Sandra Gould as Fern Adams (TV fans will recognize Gould as Gladys Kravitz on Bewitched), Bill Johnstone as “Friendly” DeWitt and Sam Edwards as Monty Prince.

The Cinderella story is westernized. There’s an evil stepmother, an ugly step sister, a Prince and a “Friendly” helper taking the place of a fairy godmother.

This Six Shooter script was later adapted for television. It was broadcast on December 15, 1959, on the NBC series known as Startime or Ford Startime. The title of the story was changed to Cindy’s Fella, and Stewart’s character became Azel Dorsey.

Act 1:

Act 2: