Block Party/First Call for the Block Party

Newspaper listings used both names for the program, sometimes in the same listing like this one from the August 14, 1947, edition of the Circleville Herald, Circleville, OH.

TogetherThe preview mentions that Stewart was currently starring on Broadway in Harvey. The show is not available, but it is possible that Jimmy was interviewed about that play. Others appearing on the show were Teddy Wilson, Larry Douglas and Monica Lewis.

The show was named for its two regulars – Martin Block, the host, and Ray Bloch, the orchestra leader. It was broadcast on the Mutual Network and sponsored by the National Guard, and served as a recruiting tool.

Another mention of the show appeared in a full page ad for the National Guard which appeared in Life magazine (January 12, 1948). It is in the small print at the very bottom of the ad. Only the wording of the ad is shown here. There also was a photo of a father and son above this section.

LIFE 1-12-48

A review of the show appeared in the August 20, 1947, edition of Variety:

Variety 8-20-47

From the article, we learn that Jimmy was not actually on the show in person. Instead, his transcribed message for the National Guard was played.