Chesterfield Supper Club

Perry Como’s 15-minute NBC evening program was a staple of NBC Radio all year long. For thirteen weeks in the summer of each year, substitute hosts appeared in Como’s place. For 1947, two men – Tex Beneke and Frankie Carle – rotated in that position. On September 4th, it was Carle’s turn to be host. The announcer that evening was Martin Block.

The show received little more than this simple clip in the radio listings of most newspapers, including The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn, NY.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (NY) 9-4-47

Jimmy Stewart was never a guest on the program, but did appear on three separate shows to participate in Chesterfield commercials. He has one line – “I’ve smoked Chesterfields for years and find they completely satisfy” – in each of the two commercials in this program. His line was most likely pre-recorded and then playrd back at the appropriate time.

No audio for the show exists, but here is the script for you to enjoy.