December will be a Stewart-athon

December was always a very busy month for Jimmy Stewart and his recording and radio career. Over the years he has done many public service announcements (Toys for Tots, Christmas Seals, Salvation Army), Christmas readings and church services. He has recorded drop-ins for radio stations in which he lets shoppers know how many shopping days are left until Christmas and wished listeners a Merry Christmas. He has done Christmas specials and Christmas themed shows…and, of course, did It’s a Wonderful Life not once, but twice.

On top of all that, he has also done many non-Christmas related programs. And what is Jimmy’s connection to a Yeti’s finger? The answer to that will be coming up in December.

You’ve heard Jimmy read several Winnie the Pooh stories, how would you like to hear a couple of Poe short stories? They’ll be coming in December also.

In all, there will be more than 40 posts in December. That means that some days will have two or three or even four new items to listen to and/or read. It’s your special Christmas present from

Come back every day so that you don’t miss anything!