House Party

Art Linkletter’s very popular House Party ran on radio from 1945 until 1967. It made the move to television in 1952 and remained a viewer favorite until 1969. Know best for his interviews of children, Linkletter also had stars on his program and interviewed them as well. One appearance by Jimmy Stewart has been confirmed. That came on November 30, 1955, sixty years ago today.

Most newspaper listings simply say “House Party” or “Art Linkletter’s House Party,” but the New York Times did mention Stewart by name.

NYT 11-30.55Although radio was fading due to the onslaught of TV, some of the ads for the show itself were still quite elaborate. This one appeared in the Wisconsin State Journal about a month before Stewart’s appearance.


Unfortunately, this seems to be another show which has not survived time and no copies have been located.