Jimmy Stewart for American Brotherhood Week

Stewart became involved with American Brotherhood Week, sponsored by the National Conference of Christians and Jews in 1946. During that year, he and other Hollywood stars made short three minute films promoting Brotherhood week. These were shown in theaters before the movie began. There were also at least two industry magazine campaigns that year in which his photo appeared. The first ad appeared in the January 2, 1946 edition of the Motion Picture Herald. It was spread over three pages, with Stewart appearing alone on the first page:

Motion Picture Herald 1-2-46 a

When you turned the page, you saw the remainder of the ad:

Motion Picture Herald 1-2-46

The second is from the Jan-Mar, 1946 edition of the Motion Picture Daily:

Motion Picture Daily JJan-Mar 1946

The February 5, 1947, edition of Variety also carried a story on American Brotherhood Week, a small portion of which is seen below:

Variety 2-5-47

Another long article containing information about the radio campaign appeared in the February 14, 1947, edition of Billboard magazine:

BB a 2-15-47

BB b 2-15-47

BB c 2-15-47

The following year, Stewart became involved in the radio campaign for the organization and recorded a 20-second spot for this disc:

Am Brotherhood Wk

As you can see from the label, these spots were meant to be played between February 16th and 23rd of 1947. Jimmy’s spot went as follows:

This recording was uncovered after Jimmy Stewart on the Air was published, so is documented here for the first time.

We have also just recently come into possession of the following 16-inch disc:


Exactly what this disc represents is not known. It is possible that it was some kind of test pressing for the final disc. As you can see, it lacks most of the information which is included on the final label and the tracks are lettered, rather than numbered. The BL 9733 printed on the released label, is scratched into the run-off area of this record. The announcements are all exactly the same.