Salute to You

The following article appeared in the Pacific Stars and Stripes, Tokyo, Japan, on Wednesday, April 24, 1957:

Pacific Stars and Stripes, Tokyo, Jpn WED 4-24-57A check of the next day’s edition of Star and Stripes radio listing reveals that the show is listed for broadcast in the 8 p.m. time slot:

Pacific Stars and Stripes, Tokyo, Jpn 4-25-57

Because the show is not available, we can only speculate on its nature. Bob Hope and Jimmy Stewart did appear together on the 1955 American Red Cross campaign (see separate blog).


Although the label clearly states that this was for the 1955 campaign, it could have easily bee edited to remove all mention of “1955.” President Eisenhower’s segment could have been edited into the existing program. Or, this could be a completely new show just waiting to be discovered on record or tape.