The Six Shooter – Quiet City

Broadcast on February 14, 1954, this program is also known as A Town Grows Up, Sheriff’s Son and Sheriff’s Son to Study Law. Except for simple listings, no newspaper clippings for this show could be located.

Stewart is joined in the cast by Virginia Gregg as Mabel Norton, Robert Griffin as Doc Anderson, Lamont Johnson as Buzz and Will Wright as Heck, the sheriff.

Buzz would like to go to college and become a lawyer, but his father, Heck, would rather he become his deputy. The capture of a murderer helps Britt to change Heck’s mind.

Act 1:

Act 2:

Update: February 10, 2018:

The Six Shooter theme song caused quite a stir. Many people wanted to purchase a recording of the song. An article about the status of the song appeared in the February 14, 1954, issue of The Tampa Tribune, Tampa, FL.